Saturday, April 30, 2005

Somehow I became the resident volleyball expert...that's a little scary for those who know my limited skill level!

Some of our youth from Francistown Baptist Church helping teach a Bible verse during sports camp.

Nap time (or so it would seem) during sports camp after a hard morning of parachuting.

Zebra crossing...headed back from mission meeting (us not the zebra, ha ha)

Sarah and Mary are the two MK's Brandy and I shared our rondovel (hut) with at mission meeting in South Africa. We had a blast!

All the journeymen in our area (Zimtswana cluster)

My first wild giraffe

These thorn bushes are everywhere! They are a pain, literally, but they make great toothpicks.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Conquerers of the world! This is Charissa, Carmel, Brandy, and me after we hiked to the top of a large hill overlooking Lobatse, the city where we are studying language

Me and our language instructor's granddaughter Ashanti

The fabulous Venture, our vehicle

Lobatse Cemetary - the plots have been pre-dug 6 feet deep and covered with wooden planks.

These are some of the youth from Francistown Baptist Church helping to prepare the evening meal at the Easter Rally