Friday, October 28, 2005

Journeyman Retreat, Johannesburg, South Africa

The retreat included journeymen from all over Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa. We had a great time worshiping, sharing experiences, and just plain having fun. What did I bring home? Some great memories, a broken camera and a nasty sinus infection that left me without a voice for a few days. Since my camera broke, most of the following pics are courtesy of my fellow journeymen, mostly Stacie, but otherwise mentioned.

On the way to Gaborone in transit to Joburg, Brandy definitely got a ticket for overtaking a very slow bus on a solid line. Mgu tried his best to help, but it was to no avail. Carmel and I have been able to talk ourselves out of multiple tickets, but Brandy has not yet been so fortunate.

The whole CESA gang, at least the ones that were at the retreat (minus one)

Our fearless leaders, Orville and Susan.

All about some speed scrabble!

Union University Alumni Reunion...IN AFRICA!!! Laura Lee (far left) and Bethany (right) are serving in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and Kari (middle) is serving in Mbarara, Uganda. It was so great to be able to see them and hang out with people who actually knew me before I crossed the ocean.

During the retreat we were able to go to a Lion and Rhino park. This is a group of Gemsbok. Photo by Nate the Great, Mozambique

Cheetah. Photo also by Nate

Lazy lions. Yet another photo by Nate

I think I'm on the wrong side of the fence! We got to take our chances with 5 minutes inside with the young lions.

Little lion just wants to play with Carmel

Who wants to go next? Photo by "Rowdy" Ryan, Southern Sudan

The Carnivore Restaurant. Guaranteed to have at least 10 different kinds of meat on any given night. They continue to bring meat around to you on swords until you've had enough and put down you're flag (literally) and surrender. My favorites were the Impala and Crocodile, but the Zebra was also very nice as well. Definately a great experience!

Table full of very hungry journeymen

Not sure what kind of meat is being carved onto my plate at that particular time, but I'm sure it was good

Happy Birthday to me...2 1/2 months later. Crystal and Brandy decided it would be funny to tell the restaurant it was my birthday which resulted in an embarrassing display of sparklers on a platter of fruit and a very loud and boistrous rendition of "Happy Brithday to ALMA."

Ms. Fashion Queen herself (Carmel) and me. Yes, that is a pink skirt I'm wearing and I actually own this one...can you believe it!

The girls (minus a different one)

The guys...Ryan, Matt, James, and Nate...12 girls, 4 guys - what's wrong with these numbers???

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Victoria Falls

Day 1...Victoria Falls Backpackers Lodge. We packed our bags and left town for 3 days and 2 nights away. We were all in much need of a getaway!

Thatched roof, scary masks, mosquito nets, what more could you want? Actually the lodge was really great and the service was even better

I've never been so excited to see water! Our first night we took a boat cruise down the great Zambezi river which runs between Zimbabwe and Zambia and on and on

Hungry hungry hippos

Or should I say hungry hungry crocodiles

Absolutely beautiful

Day 2...White water rafting down the Zambezi all day long. So much fun! Although it left us very sunburned and very sore, it was definately worth it. I'm the one in the yellow helmet...second from the front on the far side of the boat

Hit the deck! Holding on for dear life, literally

Day 3...Welcome to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Yeah, we definately had to hike down into this gorge to get to the rapids and hike back out after a full day of rafting

The Falls are actually low right now, as you can probably see, since the rains haven't come yet, but they are still breathtaking - and of course the pictures just don't do it justice

Proof that yes, we were actually there

Always the scavenger

On our way home we just happened to see some elephants on the side of the road

Operation HIV conference, Modumela Lodge

Our days included testimonies, devotions, trainings, discussions, team building, and worship around a campfire. Here we're being briefed by our leaders at the camp before we began our "team building" exercises. All the following pictures of the activities were taken by Stacie, our resident photographer (or youth worker)

A little too close for comfort

Ropes course...Carmel's spotters weren't doing a very good job



No touching!

3 posts, 5 tires, no improper fractions, one tire moving at a time, as fast as you can...all 5 tires had to be placed on one of the other posts without breaking the rules - we almost broke the record for best time

My supervisor Paul and his wife Sally

A very soaked and unhappy Brandy after an attack by the boys in the lake

Operation HIV girls + one youth worker