Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Learning how to present the True Love Waits material at the conference in Zimbabwe, Priscilla explains the difference between love and lust by using the stories of Joseph and Mary and Amnon and Tamar

Our training group at the conference

We had a nice hike up a rocky mountain at a place called Matopos

Crocodile on the rocks

Elephant under a heavy load

Original bushmen cave paintings

African journeygirls...(from left) Tiffany (Zimbabwe), me, Megan (South Africa), Stacie (my housemate), and Heather (South Africa)

Tiffany and Priscilla enjoying the view

Our neighbors accross the street

Church fete (festival)...the guys in a creme filled doughnut eating competition

One of the guys on the youth committee suffering the consequesnces of another member's victory

The volunteer team from Texas that came to work in one of the villages in the southern part of Botswana

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Woohoo McDonald's! I don't even like McDonald's (other than their soft serve ice cream), but those golden arches were a site for sore eyes during our time in Johannesburg

Charissa, Gwen, and I posing inside, yes inside, one of the malls in Joburg. Props to Stacie for the pic