Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is she not the cutest little girl you've ever seen! We got to be good buddies at a sports day held for the Church of F/Town.

This is my absolute favorite place to get soft serve vanilla ice cream

New Hairstyle

One of the youth at my church, Unaswi, really wanted to "plait" my hair so she spent a total of 8 hours braiding my whole head!

My new hairdo was a lot of fun, but extremely painful. My head was much cooler though! Unfortunately I was only able to keep it for 4 days.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Setlalekgosi C.J.S.S. (my school)

The administration building

These are the school grounds. The classrooms are spread out all over the campus and many times we had to search for where our students were during a particular period. Loads of fun, trust me

My teaching partner, Mothusi, and I with our Deputy Head Mistress (vice principal) Mma Seemule. She is also head of the guidance and counseling department so we counted on her quite a bit.

On our last day of class, we gave our students the opportunity to make a commitment to abstinence until marriage. The one's who chose to do so were given cards to sign as a symbol of their commitment. Next term we'll be working with those students for 10 weeks of follow-up sessions.

Onneile, one of my Form 2 students

Form 1 boys signing True Love Waits cards

This was my most challenging class to teach. They are incredibly intelligent but refused to participate in the discussions. So when you're trying to be interactive, it makes life a little tough. The students all wear uniforms to school as you can see but usually the girls have the option of wearing their dresses or trousers.

I've had the opportunity to get to know these girls outside of class through "girls club" on Friday night. From left to right...Ndinao, Kedidimetsi, Neo, and Goitseone

These are students from one of my Form 1 classes.

Form 1's who were just dying to be in a photo

One of my Form 2 classes...most of the softball team I've been helping coach is made up of students from this class