Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scrub, scrub, scrub...make sure they're all clean. Oh the fun at youth camp. There were about 200 youth who came together for the Bostwana National Baptist youth camp. A volunteer team came in from the States to help with the seminars and worship.

Here's Reema learning how to play guitar. Scott, one of the guys from the volunteer team taught a workshop on guitar and keyboarding

I love sunsets!

Me and my good friend Mickey, who I don't get to see very often since she's back in school at the University of Botswana

The F/Town youth were asked to do a skit for the whole camp. They did a great job with a skit about a young girl who was leading a "double life." Here are two of our guys, Refilwe and Name, ater a "car accident."

Carmel waiting in the "queue" for her lunch. Everyone brings their own plates and silverware (ie. forks, spoons, fingers) to the camps/rallies/etc.

Somehow Gwen and I found ourselves (not voluntarily) in a dance contest in front of all the youth at youth camp. At first they let us all dance together as they narrowed us down, then we all had to dance solo for about a minute! We made it to the top 5 and then ran out of time so they had to stop the contest...too bad!

Yeah, I definately ran out of dance moves during the one minute solo

Joseph, one of the F/Town youth competing in the contest as well. This kid can dance!

These four girls were in the States back in January for the Passion conference in Nashville. From left...Priscilla is in F/Town working with Operation HIV, Bontsi is in D.C. with an internship, K.G. is headed to N.Y.C. in January and Ethel is still at the University of Botswana. These girls are great!

My two new friends from Cape Town, Jake and Rob. These guys were helping with the volunteer team from the States. Jake is originally from Tennessee and Rob is from Cape Town.